Rapunzel, the Pantomime (2017)

Prince Frederick is enjoying the Royal high life until his father, King Geoffrey decides it is time for the juvenile heir to the throne to find his ‘true self’. With a slightly over zealous spell from the novice Fairy Flora, the King finds the strength to discipline his son but then banishes him from the Kingdom to explore the world until he is worthy to return (and be able to put on his own underpants!). Despite Queen Gertrude’s protests, Frederick is sent away with his former Valet, Frankie as his only companion (oh no he isn’t, oh yes he is!). The newly unemployed Frankie seeks support from his mother Dame Beatrix Bouffant, a poor but glamorous hairdresser, who distracts the Captain of the Guard long enough for the Prince and Frankie to escape the Village and flee into the forest. For the last 16 years, Witch Gothel (booooooo!) has imprisoned a stolen baby, Rapunzel, in a tower in the forest. Masquerading as her grandmother, Gothel has caught Rapunzel’s magical tears to keep herself young, whilst Rapunzel (and her lengthy locks) have grown into a beautiful, intelligent woman who longs to see the world. Upon hearing Rapunzel’s alluring singing in the forest, the arrogant Prince and his trusty valet Frankie thwart the Witch and rescue our heroine from the tower (with a little help from some trusted friends) after the Witch’s bungling henchmen Curly & Bob mistakenly disclose its location. Rapunzel escapes to begin a new life in the village, but with Gothel (she’s behind you!) and her idiots in hot pursuit, will the Prince win his father’s affections and return to the palace proving his worth? Will our unexpected hero and his friends keep Rapunzel and her extensive tresses safe from Witch Gothel and her evil plans in the tower and marry his love?

Please join the multi award winning Kettering Youth Theatre Group for ‘Rapunzel, the Pantomime’, a truly magical mystical musical pantomime. Featuring a large energetic chorus, dazzling principals, stupendous singing, dynamic dancing, toe-tastic tapping, beautiful ballet, amazing acting, hysterical humour and magnificent costumes. This Christmas, support this talented cast of local young people in their 41st production, in what promises to be a truly fantastic and memorable show.

Show Dates (2017):

  • Fri 29th December: 7pm
  • Sat 30sth December: 11:30am & 6:00pm
  • Sun 31st December: 14:30pm
  • Mon 1st January: 14:30pm

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