Beauty And The Beast 2021 at the Masque Theatre

Beauty And The Beast 2021

KYTG presents the well-loved tale of Beauty and The Beast.

At a castle deep in the woods Ma (Beauty’s mother) must pay the terrible price for the theft of a rose… Her life or hand over her only daughter to the hideous Beast. Our Heroine must join the Beast in his mysterious castle, home to secrets and enchanted servants. Are appearances deceptive? Is there more to the Beast than meets the eye? Can the hapless Ma and Jacques rescue Beauty? Will Felix the French Poodle complete his training? Will Malabelle the wicked witch meet her match? Will they ever live happily ever after?

Get your tickets for the multi award winning Kettering Youth Theatre Group’s performance of the classic pantomime ‘Beauty and the Beast” at The Masque Theatre. Featuring a stellar cast of KYTG members both old and new, bursting with enthusiasm as they delight to entertain packed out audiences at every performance. Be dazzled by the dancing, mesmerised by the emotion and astounded by the stupendous singing. This talented group will bring you the very best in seasonal entertainment with high energy musical numbers, hysterical humour and technical wonder. Book now and support this talented cast of local young people in their 46th production, in what promises to be an enthralling and entertaining theatrical Christmas delight!