Cinderella 2023

Cinderella 2023

KYTG presents Cinderella by Adrian Barradell (by arrangement with Lazy Bee Scripts)

Cinderella is good, kind, honest and true but her Ugly Stepsisters Hyacinth and Lowercinth are nasty and mean, jealous of her beauty they treat Cinderella like a maid. Cinderella’s only friend is Buttons the Butler, devoted to Cinderella dear Buttons knows he resides firmly in “the friend zone”!

Prince Charming tired of his Royal duties, disguises himself as a valet and meets our darling Cinderella in the woods. Enchanted by her beauty, the Prince invites all of the girls in the Kingdom to a ball at the Palace in the hope he might meet her again.

Will you help our Fairy Godmother get Cinderella go to the ball? How many mice do you need for a pumpkin coach? Will the Prince find Cinderella?

Most importantly… Will they all live happily ever after? We all love a Royal wedding!

Get your tickets for the multi-award-winning Kettering Youth Theatre Group’s performance of the classic favourite pantomime “Cinderella” at The Masque Theatre. Featuring a talented cast of KYTG members both old and new, bursting with enthusiasm as they delight to entertain packed-out audiences at every performance. Be dazzled by the dancing, mesmerised by the emotion and astounded by the stupendous singing. This amazing group will bring you the very best in seasonal entertainment with high-energy musical numbers, hysterical humour and technical wonder. Book now and support this talented cast of local young people in their 48th production, in what promises to be an enthralling and entertaining theatrical Christmas delight!