Snow White

Snow White (2019)

Welcome to the classic tale of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. At her birth, a magical mirror is gifted to the beautiful Snow White by Fairy Flora. Snow’s mother dies, the years pass and Snow grows in beauty and kindness. Her wicked stepmother, jealous of Snow’s beauty, orders the huntsmen to kill Snow White. Harry, Larry and Barry fail to fulfil this horrible request and instead leave Snow alive deep in the forest.  They try to fool the stepmother into believing Snow is dead, but when the Magic Mirror foils their plan the useless huntsmen, assisted by Snow’s nanny, Nurse Edith, must escape to safety. Meanwhile Snow stumbles across a cottage in the woods, it is the home to Seven Dwarves – Bossy, Grouchy, Smiley, Smarty, Drowsy, Shy & Sneezy.  They discover the sleeping Snow White and agree to let her stay and cook them squirrel pie! The stepmother in a moment of anger decides she must undertake the dastardly deed and kill Snow and, three attempts later, Snow White lies lifeless in a coma.  Nearby in a neighbouring kingdom, the handsome Prince Phillipe hears of the tale.  He travels to the forest where he convinces the dwarves that his magical kiss will restore Snow to life.  But will true love’s kiss revive our adorable Snow White? Will Billy, the palace Paige, stop commenting on the action long enough to end his conflict with the notorious Cake Bandit? Will the stepmother finally get what is coming to her? Will our heroine Snow White get her happily ever after? So many questions….

Get your tickets for the multi award winning Kettering Youth Theatre Group’s performance of the classic pantomime ‘Snow White’ at The Masque Theatre. Featuring a stellar cast of KYTG members both old and new, bursting with enthusiasm as they delight to entertain packed out audiences at every performance. Be dazzled by the dancing, mesmerised by the emotion and astounded by the stupendous singing. This talented group will bring you the very best in seasonal entertainment with high energy musical numbers, hysterical humour and technical wonder. Book now and support this talented cast of local young people in their 43rd production, in what promises to be an enthralling and entertaining theatrical Christmas delight!