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This year during the Christmas period we are presenting the show Cinderella at the Masque Theatre

Show Dates:

  • Wednesday 28th December: 7pm
  • Thursday 29th December: 7pm
  • Friday 30th December: 7pm
  • Sat 31st December: 11am & 2:30pm
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Cinderella is overjoyed at the return of her father, Baron Hardup, following his worldwide travels. Cinderella and her trusted friend Buttons, are shocked when the Baron arrives home completely broke , newly widowed and carrying extra baggage in the form of two vile shopaholic stepdaughters, Gorgon and Zola, who waste no time destroying Cinderella's dreams of finding love. In the woods, Cinderella meets her Prince Charming, underwhelmed by his royal duties and disguised as his servant, Dandini . Love blossoms immediately, as all perfect fairytales require. With the bailiffs, Snatchit and Grabbit, in hot pursuit of fifteen years rent arrears from the poverty stricken Baron, and Gorgon and Zola destroying Cinderella ' s hopes of meeting the man of her dreams, will she ever get to the Prince's birthday ball and win his heart. With a little help from a streetwise, technological Fairy Godmother and a few friends, she just might........

You are cordially invited to join KYTG for this truly magical pantomime. Featuring sensational songs, dynamic dames, hysterical humour and classy costumes. Please support this talented cast of young people in their 40th production .