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The group has won many awards over the past years. KYTG is a member of NODA a body providing information and services to theatre groups. Each year performances across the country and scored against a system by a NODA representative and results and awards are issued yearly at award ceremonies. Click on the photos to see the most recent awards won by the group.

Our Awards

Best Youth Production in the East Midlands 2012
Best Youth Group float with Kettering Carnival 2010
Best Panto in our region 2010
Best Youth Group in our region 2010
Best Youth production in our region 2009

NODA Report 2013!

Yet again a super evening of entertainment from this large group of youngsters aged 6 to 21 years old. The opening moved quickly and we were soon being carried away with the story. What a beautiful Fairy Queen Coralie Pearce made with added pyrotechnics and tinkling sounds from the pit. Larissa Martin has great stage presence and makes an excellent villain, her portrayal of Carabosse was very strong and it was lovely to see more of her dancing skills.

The Lord Chamberlain (Bethany Baker) kept things moving along nicely with very clear diction and Barney (Charlotte Ashmead) maintained a good rapport with the audience as only a jester could. Sophie Riches and Harry Blumire worked well together as King and Queen with some excellent comic timing from Harry. I particularly enjoyed their interpretation of 'Timeless to Me' from Hairspray.

Caitlin Blogg was a very well defined Prince with good clear dialogue, a strong singing voice and excellent dance skills while Erin as the Princess Aurora provided a lovely performance with strong dialogue, together the harmonies in their duet were lovely. Ben Jervis makes such an excellent, outrageous Dame. His portrayal of Nanny Nora was bright and full of confidence, constantly acting and engaged in everything happening on the stage. How wonderful to also see his dancing skills both in musical theatre and tap.

Four young men also made an impact on this production as the Royal Suitors; Alfie Johnson, Thomas Larmour, Kyle Mc Queen and Adam Northover. What wonderful little comic characters with some great little accents. Sleeping Beauty is not the most extensive of stories but this allowed KYTG to show off some of the talent in the supporting company. The staging was simple but effective with good use of cloths and raised areas to the back. Costume and make-up were fabulous as usual.

Congratulations to Julie, Mike, Roger and the whole team. It was lovely to see so many youngsters taking on their first principal roles and with the support and encouragement from everyone within this group they will go from strength to strength. This was yet another visually effective and wonderfully sparkling production.

Amanda Hall - NODA East Midlands Youth Adviser