Aladdin, the Pantomime (2018)

Aladdin, the Pantomime

Fly in to the enchanting City of Old Peking. Our ambitious hero, Aladdin has fallen in love with the beautiful and determined Princess Jasmine. Aladdin is now pursued by the hysterical Sergeant Chop & PC Suey after looking at the princess, a crime punishable by death. Meanwhile the evil magician Abanazar is in search of a magical lamp […]

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Cinderella (2016)

Cinderella is overjoyed at the return of her father, Baron Hardup, following his worldwide travels. Cinderella and her trusted friend Buttons, are shocked when the Baron arrives home completely broke , newly widowed and carrying extra baggage in the form of two vile shopaholic stepdaughters, Gorgon and Zola, who waste no time destroying Cinderella’s dreams […]

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